die kurve

A production of mem-film GmbH

in Co-production with Arte and Bayerischer Rundfunk

Directed by: Felix Fuchssteiner

Screenplay: Katharina Schöde based on the play by Tankred Dorst

Cast: Frank Giering, Michael Schenk, Karl-Heinz Gierke

DP: Markus Krämer

Production Design: Tobias Kreissl

Costume Design: Katharina Schöde

Make-Up: Sabine Skuhra

Editor: Felix Fuchssteiner

Music by: Philipp F. Kölmel

A barren landscape. Withered bushes, dead shrubs. Yellow-brown. Somewhere in the south. Scorching heat, shimmering air.  A road winds up a mountain to a steep curve. At its foot, in front of a jagged rock, a small, modest hut.  There live the brothers ANTON and RUDOLF. An improvised workshop. Next to it, an old, burnt-out VW bus, already overgrown. Half hidden behind a rock, we can see an improvised cemetery: carefully laid out graves, decorated with simple wooden crosses and a few flowers. 
The curve - the livelihood and raison d'être of the two brothers - because from time to time a car, obeying centrifugal forces, skids out of the curve and plunges down cliff. The brothers' ritual begins: Rudolf repairs the cars, sells them and thus provides for their livelihood. Anton takes care of the injured, writes eulogies and organizes dignified funerals. The brothers are a well-coordinated team, even if their different characters clash from time to time.
After each accident, Anton sends a petition to the Secretary KRIEGBAUM, the responsible official in the Ministry of Transport. The danger should finally be eliminated. There have already been too many accidents: something must be done! 
Twenty-four accidents had already occurred, and the ministry did not react. But the twenty-fifth accident is different: for the first time, the driver survives the crash, and the brothers are shocked to discover that it is Kriegbaum himself. 
Kriegbaum regains consciousness and slowly realizes where he has landed. Rudolf repairs his car. He is thrilled: finally a Mercedes, not a junk car as usual. Anton writes Kriegbaum's eulogy, he is also pleased: for the first time he has the opportunity to interview a living person for his speech. Kriegbaum is rather creeped out by this, he wants to leave as soon as possible, and promises to finally have the curve secured. The brothers' task, life and financial livelihood are at risk. Kriegbaum promises them a nicer, better life in the city, but in doing so he makes a mistake: the two don't want to go to the city, they are at home here and happy...

Awards (selection)

Slamdance Film Festival 2003

Special Jury Award

first steps


Rhode Island International Film Festival

Audience Choice Award: Best Dramatic Short

Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis

Nomination for best directing

Temecula Valley  International Film Festival

Jury Prize for Best Short Film

Film Festival Brussel

Festival International du Film Indépendant

Sonderpreis der Jury

Museum of Modern Art, NYC

 Weeks of German Cinama "Das neue Kino"

Eclipse Film Festival

Best Short Film

Best Director - Felix Fuchssteiner

Best Screenplay - Tankred Dorst & Katharina Schöde